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"I had the great privilege to be a participant in the Federation of Families chapter in Seminole County. The meetings I attended were a lifeline of support that helped me and made sure I never lost hope. Crystal Lilly, Muriel Jones and everyone involved really care genuinely for the families.  I will forever be grateful for having this resource to sustain and fortify my family. Thank you."

Parent D.A.:


"Where do I start? I am a single parent with 2 young children. I am a domestic violence survivor who fled her abuser and relocated to Florida in 2014. Federation of Families has been a lifesaver for my kids and me. When I was at my worst with a child who suffers with mental illness and had fallen into a financial hardship, I found myself in a new place (Florida) away from my support system feeling hopeless, alone, scared and with nowhere to turn to. I met with Crystal Lilly from Federation of Families and my 1st Single Parent Group was a breath of fresh air. I automatically felt supported and understood I was surrounded by Moms who knew my struggle and were getting better, we were given tools and coping skills in dealing with our children's mental illness. Crystal answered so many of my questions and gave me numbers to resources within my community that could help my children and me with our situation. Crystal walked me through every step of the way and never made me feel like a burden or a bother to her. As time went by and I continued to attend Federation meetings I realized how many families are being helped through this organization. I talked to Moms and Dads that have been involved for a long time and expressed to me how grateful they are to Federation of Families for all of the help and support. I am so grateful to Muriel Jones, Crystal Lilly and Federation of Families for their constant support. I don't where some of us would be without this awesome organization that genuinely cares about the community they serve."



"FFCFL has been and continues to be my lifeline. So many in the community cannot comprehend the scars and pain our children carry daily as heavy baggage. The staff, Crystal and Muriel, to name a few, see into our children's hearts and minds and see their potential and help find us the tools to realize their missions as they mature into young adults.


Thank you does not adequately express my appreciation for your involvement in my children's lives."



"FFCFL is of great importance to the community in whole allowing families to connect on level that unites a community as one. It is important to me, because it gave me hope at a time where I felt frustrated and tired. It was an answer prayer and guidance to lead me into the right direction for my family and me. Most important, it gave me a chance to realize that I am not alone in this fight to overcome the challenges of having a love one with such disorders. I was blessed  to meet extraordinary people with the strength and courage to succeed above and  beyond with the love of others that really care!"



"I heard about the Federation of Families through a school newsletter that my son brought home one day.  Given my trials and tribulations as a parent, the opportunity to attend family meetings for single mothers and have peer to peer support has been a wonderful experience for me this year.  I look forward to hearing other families' stories and having the safe environment to share my story as well.  It's been wonderful being able to receive ongoing support and to know that I'm not alone in the journey of parenting.  I always look forward to the information and resources that are offered in Central Florida area, given that I'm new to the area.  The experience has definitely been rewarding for both me and my family."

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