CRYSTAL LILLY, Deputy Executive Director

Family & Youth Director - Orange County

Crystal Lilly has been working in the mental health field helping children for the last decade.  Crystal has her Bachelor’s in Psychology and Master’s in Criminal Justice.  She is one class shy of her PhD in Psychology.  Crystal is a Certified Recovery Peer Specialist.  Crystal is a certified trainer for WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan), Wraparound, Certified Recovery Peer Specialist, Family Assessment of Needs & Strengths, and Child Adolescent Needs & Strengths.  Crystal serves on the Board of Advisory of the Reflections Program at Mental Health Association of Central FL. Crystal lives with her husband and their six children in Central FL.  Crystal has navigated the mental health system and school system advocating for her children that were diagnosed with mental health challenges. She also has experience navigating the Child Welfare System when she adopted her daughter out of foster care. She and her husband enjoy traveling and seeing the sites that Florida has to offer. Her favorite hobby is shark tooth hunting on the beaches in Manasota Key. 



CATHEDRA WINSTON, Family & Youth Supervisor

Orange County

Cathedra Winston is a local “Wellness Expert”. Cathedra has a bachelor’s degree in biology, is a Certified Recovery Peer Specialist, Florida Certified Wraparound Trainer/Coach, and an Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator. Cathedra facilitates Wellness workshops where she teaches individuals how to manage stress. Through the utilization of WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) individuals create personal Wellness plans to help them stay physically and emotionally well despite life’s daily challenges.  Cathedra has worked with both youth and adults in Orange, Seminole, and Osceola Counties.  Cathedra has been recognized professionally by FADAA (Florida Alcohol & Drug Abuse Association) for her work with youth and families in Orange County. Cathedra specializes in youth engagement with a focus on emotional wellness. Cathedra lives a life of wellness and uses her own lived experiences to show others how they can “intentionally” live better lives. Good emotional hygiene starts here!




 Youth Leader Orange County

William Mollentze is a Senior at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN.  Early in his life, William knew he wanted to help others.  In high school William was the President of the “Bee Gees” program, where he mentored children with disabilities.  He took his passion for helping others to college, where he worked as a Mentor/Coach in the local community.  William uses his love for football to connect with younger children.  He teaches them more than just the fundamentals of the sport.  William helps equip young people with the skills to resolve conflicts appropriately and safely. William prides himself on creating a safe environment for young people to be themselves.




Youth Leader Orange County

Michelina has always been passionate about health and wellness from a holistic approach. As a professional dancer for 20 years, she has the desire to bring her love of creative arts and wellness together in innovative and accessible ways. She encourages everyone to use the many forms of art to find their voice, to feel empowered to share it, and to live authentically.  Michelina has an AA in Dance as well as being a certified Holistic Health Coach from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She has also been trained as a Peer Support and in WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) to better serve our youth and families. She thrives on finding new ways to communicate what we need, what we want, and who we are. She hopes to help others explore themselves and understand their power and purpose are important!


Ursula Palmer - headshot.jpg


Administrative Assistant

Orange County

Ursula has built a broad background in a variety of fields within the Management and Administration fields. She worked in a Women’s Center in Canada for over 10 years and was Director of Religious Education at St. Mark's Church in North Dakota and taught Religious Ed to Kindergartners. She has some studies in Psycho-Social Intervention and her proficiency in English, French and Spanish makes it easy for her to interact with families and colleagues of different ethnic backgrounds. She considers herself as a highly organized manager and coach; able to quickly assess needs and provide tools to resolve difficulties and improve performance.