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"The key to successful leadership is influence, not authority" - Kenneth H Blanchard

Muriel Jones Banks .jpeg

Muriel Jones Banks

Executive Director

I have a wealth of personal and professional experience in Special Education and Mental Health.   My son is an adult with a co-occurring disorder.  Advocating on his behalf is an ongoing journey.


Here at FFCFL, we understand your frustrations when navigating for appropriate support and services for your child. We are here to help. You do not have to walk this journey alone.

Board of Directors

Howard Walker.jpeg
Board of Directors_edited.jpg
Board of Directors_edited.jpg

Howard Walker

Cheryl Molyneaux

Leonardo Romano

Vice Chair Executive Director, Peer Support Coalition of Florida

Board Treasurer

Firm Administrator/Controller

Batts, Morrison, Walkes & Lee, PA

Board Chair

Equity Advisor, FEMA

Board of Directors_edited.jpg

Wilton Beamer

Board Secretary

Executive Director, Acceptance

Advisory Board

Dr.Corrie Kindyl.jpeg

Dr. Corrie Kindyl

CEO-Community Counseling Center of Central Florida

Family Advisory Board

Ashley Rogers


Tammy Jones

Vice President

Keri Armstrong

Board Secretary

Angela Ramirez

James Jones

Board Member

Board Member

Supporting Staff

Milca Journet.JPG

Milca Journet

Family Support Specialist (Spanish-Speaking Lean on Me Support Group)

Samantha's Image.JPG

Samantha Hunter

Respite Coordinator

Above The Fold of News & Events Page_edited.jpg

Angela Ramirez

Parent Support Coordinator

Tammy Jones- Grandparent Liason.jpg

Tammy Jones

Grandparent Liaison

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